Glissade Run Club

Run Club meets every Wednesday at 6:30am and Sunday at 8:30am at the café.

ALL paces welcome - walkers, joggers, strollers, and puppers!

We have a 1.75 mile, 5k, and 5 mile routes.


We are excited to see how many of our neighbors participate in our run club every week. New faces are always welcome and all you need to do to join is show up!


Every Sunday we have representatives from the Denver chapters of Black Men Run and Latinos Run. To learn more about these amazing organizations please click the links below.


One of the best reasons to join our run club is the accountability of showing up to workout with your friends, no matter the conditions. Because we all know some mornings are more difficult than others to get out of bed and knowing our club will be meeting no matter what can be just the motivation we need.

Finding Your Pace

Whether it's your first time joining a club like this or if you're a seasoned endurance sports athlete, every week we have many people just like you who show up! We are so proud to have such a welcoming group that will support you in your goals, no matter how big or small they are.

On Your Mark, Get Set, GO!

Without Corey Maillette, run club may have never gotten out of the blocks. Before our grand opening, Sean expressed to Corey his desire to start a run club, but didn't know how to get the ball rolling. Thankfully, Corey had been a part of run clubs in the past and was able to lay the groundwork for what our club is today. His motivation for inclusivity and community made it a no brainer to have him help lead the way.