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How long does it take to ship out an order?
Orders placed on Tuesday - Thursday will ship on Friday.
Orders placed on Friday - Monday will ship on Tuesday.

How will you ship most coffee orders?
If you order a single 12oz bag, it will ship with USPS First Class Mail.
Multiple bags will be shipped with USPS Priority Mail.
Large orders may be shipped via UPS.


Do you roast in-house?
Yes, we do. All roasts are performed on a Diedrich IR 12. We also do our own sample roasting on an Ikawa Pro 100.

Where is your coffee from?
All over the world! Currently, we have coffee from Brazil, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Ethiopia, and more.

How often do you roast?
Currently, we are roasting 1 or 2 times a week based on order volumes.

Is it best to brew the freshest coffee possible?
Contrary to popular belief, it is very important to allow coffee to rest! We recommend at least 4 days for drip brewing methods and at least 7 days for espresso.

How long does coffee last?
We recommend trying to get through your coffee within 6 weeks of the roast date for the most ideal flavor profile.

Does coffee go bad after 6 weeks?
No, but it may start to lose some of the nuances that makes that specific coffee unique.


Do you have wifi?
Yes, we offer free wifi for our customers. We have 250 Mbps speeds that are broadcast through a Ubiquiti Access Point U6 Pro. Plenty of performance for every person in the cafe to be on a video call and then some.

Do you have power outlets?
Since our cafe is so large, we designed it to have nearly a plug per person in half of it, with the other half of the cafe intentionally set without power to better facilitate conversation and community.

Do you offer to rent out the cafe space?
Absolutely. We have a many options to choose from to make sure everything from your work gathering to your retirement, birthday, or engagement parties are perfect. Send us a note on our contact form and let's get the party started.

Do you allow dogs or other animals in your café?
The Adams County Health Department does not allow animals inside our facility, other than well trained service animals, of course. However, we do have a nice shaded, outdoor patio area for you and your 4 legged friend to hang out on.

Do you have bike racks and loaner locks?
We have installed 4 permanent bike racks and, thanks to our neighbor, Hardt Family Cyclery, we also offer loaner locks. Please see a staff person to borrow one.

Where do you get your pastries and food from?
We proudly serve the following:
Bánh & Butter Bakery Café
Dis Burrito
Spruce Confections

Do you take reservations?
No, at this time we are unable to take reservations.