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Chute Espresso Blend

Chute Espresso Blend

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Chute Espresso Blend is like saying hi to an old friend. The flavor profile of this medium roast coffee is familiar and comfortable. It strikes the perfect balance of chocolatey, nutty, fruity, and sweet. When served as a latte, the macadamia nut flavor breaks through quickly followed by a delicious chocolate that dances across your mid palate. As it transitions to the back of your palate a rich molasses sweetness paired with a mild blueberry lingers to leave you with a perfect aftertaste.

This blend of two single origins was created to be the Swiss army knife of espresso based drinks. It is enjoyable in everything from a straight shot to a 16oz latte and is flexible enough to be made on your home machine or the VA Eagle One in our cafe. The backbone of this blend is a full natural from Carmo de Minas, Brazil, which is responsible for the beautiful chocolate flavor and nuttiness. The secondary component is another full natural process from Guji, Ethiopia, which brings the enticing blueberry sweetness.


This coffee was designed for espresso and we find a good starting point is 18g dose brewed in 26-30sec with 30-32g out.

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