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Downslope Decaf

Downslope Decaf

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Downslope Decaf is a wonderful Swiss Water® Processed Brazilian decaf coffee that also acts like a Swiss army knife for us. This is not just a generic Brazil decaf; it is grown in Carmo de Minas, Brazil by the same producer as our Fazenda do Canaan coffee. It creates a truly delightful filter/drip coffee, but it also is wonderful as espresso. This coffee shows up with a ton of chocolate on your palate with a pleasing, medium bodied floral acidity. As it moves across your palate, depending on the brew method, it will often showcase a lovely nutty characteristic.

When it comes to decaf coffee there is no other option than to use the best decaf processing available - The Swiss Water® Process. It really boils down to a simple truth, put great coffee in and get great decaf out through a chemical-free process.


This coffee can be brewed in all brewing methods.

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