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Fazenda do Canaan

Fazenda do Canaan

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Fazenda do Canaan from Carmo de Minas, Brazil is an incredible coffee for it's simplicity. It has an unmistakable nose of an unsweetened peanut butter cup and when brewed it doesn't stray too far from that initial greeting. When it hits the front of your palate a sweet nuttiness reminiscent of praline quickly becomes covered in chocolate. An overall caramel sweetness enhances the other flavors throughout the whole sip.

It isn't too often a small company like ours can buy from the farmer directly, but we can with this coffee. Sean, our founder, has had a working relationship with the producer, Sergio Dias, for over a decade. Sean has also been down to the Canaan Estate in Carmo de Minas, Brazil 3 times. Sergio and his family have been growing coffee in this region since 1906. Because they practice incredible environmental stewardship and treat their employees to the highest standards, we have all the confidence in the world that they will be around for another 100 years.


This coffee is extremely flexible and can show off its chocolatey, nutty characteristics in just about any brew method.

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