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Sombra del Volcan

Sombra del Volcan

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Sombra del Volcan is our darkest roast that was brought to the front edge of second crack. When brewed it has a delightful roasty aroma and, as it hits your palate, you'll immediately notice that this coffee has a big mouth feel. Simultaneously, you experience the milk chocolate that this region is famous for. As the coffee rolls across your tongue to your mid palate a beautiful sweet citrus note that finishes with a satisfying taste of rich baking spices makes you instantly want to go back for another sip.

This Guatemalan coffee is from Antigua and the surrounding areas. Its name is literal as it grows in the shadow of Volcán de Fuego. During the sourcing trip for this coffee in February of 2022, Sean, our founder, was standing on the drying patio in the shadow of the volcano as it was erupting. Although a bit shocking to him, it turns out that is the normal state of things in this region next to an extremely active volcano.


This coffee tastes best prepared as a filter/drip or as a French press.

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