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South Face Cold Brew

South Face Cold Brew

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South Face Cold Brew is the perfect brew for a hot day. Poured over ice, this coffee is astonishingly refreshing and its simple flavor profile is exceptionally drinkable. It leads strongly with a perfect balance of bakers chocolate on the front of your palate and then muddled fruit comes in as it transitions to your mid palate. These complementary flavors make this a perfect cold brew.

When creating this blend we wanted to capture some of our favorite flavors in coffee, so combining two single origins from Guji, Ethiopia and Carmo de Minas, Brazil was a no brainer. The Ethiopian coffee, which is the majority of this blend, carries with it the beautiful fruit and the Brazilian coffee provides the structure and the chocolate flavors. The specific ratio of each coffee allows the flavors to really shine in complete balance.


This coffee was designed to be brewed as cold brew, but it is versatile enough that it can be delicious in many other brewing methods.

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