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Summit Drip

Summit Drip

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Summit Drip has a classic Costa Rican flavor profile and because of that we often joke that this coffee has great notes of coffee flavor. Taking your first sip you are greeted with a mild dark chocolate and a mild, sweet pomelo that lingers and compliments the nutty characteristic that appears in the middle of your palate. That dark chocolate that greeted you on your first sip now lingers on the back of your palate leaving you with a delightful aftertaste.

We call this coffee Summit Drip because its simplicity is exactly what most of us want first thing in the morning. It is grown in the San Marcos and Tarrazu regions in Costa Rica and is sourced from multiple small-holder farms. The producers that grow this coffee work together to ensure a consistent flavor profile year after year so we can always expect a delicious, easy-drinking coffee.


This coffee was designed to be brewed as a filter/drip.

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